Britney’s Star Quality Shines Through

Britney always seems to come out on top – even her recent wardrobe malfunction couldn’t take the smile off her face. No matter what she does, Britney seems to have that little extra something that tells you, whatever accidents crop up along the way, the Princess of Pop is always going to come out on top.

With worldwide acclaim and contracts worth tens of millions of dollars a year, Britney looks to be putting her problems behind her and thoroughly enjoying reaping the rewards of all her years of hard work. The 33-year-old is currently performer in residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, a gig which was reported to be worth a cool $35 million when she signed a two-year extension this September. You can buy a lot of zips with $35 million!



The Vegas Connection

Maybe it is the Vegas connection but adding to Britney’s fortunes recently has been the revenue from her licensing of her image and five of her songs to an all-new, state of the art slot machine. And in having her image spinning across those spinning wheels Britney is putting herself in distinguished company. You know you have made it big when they put your image on a slot machine!

The iconic images to be found online on the myriad of slots games out there are a tell-tale catalogue of who has made the showbiz grade down the years. The fine line between celebrity and the sort of iconic status enjoyed by the greats is not always easy to trace, but the slots test is as good a way as any. For example, the 32Red slots which are to be found at the website of the same name feature such legendary stars and contemporary celebs as Elvis, The Rat Pack, The Osbornes and The Bridesmaids. As the widely applauded casino of the decade, 32Red are at the forefront of the online gaming industry, and their celebration of a celebrity is a true measure of success. It goes without saying tht 32Red is not the only organization to recognise celebrity in this way. Tiptopcasino and Roxy palace are amongst the many brands to foloow their lead. Britney is certainly in good company.

Star quality

If the positive media reaction to her most recent slip up is anything to go by, Britney can do no wrong. Despite her cataclysmic wardrobe failure Britney barely missed a beat, continuing through to the end of the number she was performing – her 2009 hit “3” – before turning to display her naked back – not to mention her star quality as a performer – to the audience.

Not all of us will enjoy the attention of a troupe of hunky dancers to try to put us on the straight and narrow when we next suffer our own clothing catastrophe, but there is no doubt that Britney delivered a masterful demonstration of the show business truism that the show must go on – even if it was at the risk that her skin tight one-piece might have turned into a non-piece at any moment!

Of course Britney is no stranger to clothes that have a mind of their own – maybe it’s a case of practice making perfect!

Hard work

It’s easy to think of Britney as the girl who got lucky, and her fame and fortune certainly make her an easy figure to envy. But there is just as much truth in the claim that the devoted mother of two is one of the most hardworking women in pop. She is said to be currently working hard on her ninth studio album, a follow up to 2013’s self-produced ‘Britney Jean’ which featured the tellingly titled single ’Work B***h’.

There are no clues yet as to what the new album will deliver or when it might be released, but hopes are high that it will at least outperform Britney Jean in terms of sales. The album, despite input from such industry stars as will i am and Sia Furler, was, disappointingly, Britney’s lowest selling career album to date.

You can’t deny Britney is a girl who knows how to bounce back from adversity. Maybe it’s that never say die attitude that has endeared her to the movers and shakers in Las Vegas. If at first you don’t succeed, so the motto goes, have another spin of the wheel – who knows when your luck might come in? Fans are eagerly awaiting news of the new album which is expected to see the light of day sometime in 2016.

Generous giver

Britney won applause away from the stage recently when she donated a cool $120,000 to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation. Britney has a long-standing relationship with the charity which offers support to the families of children suffering from terminal cancer. Every ticket to her current show ‘Piece of Me’ includes a $1 donation to the charity, and with the show being heralded as one of the ‘must see’ events in Vegas currently and a regular sell out, the charity is yet another winner to have enjoyed a profitable pay off from the irrepressible Ms Spears. There are plenty of them out there.

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Britney’s Star Quality Shines Through

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