Casino Fashion

Of course, playing favorite slots or table games at reliable online casinos with multiple entertainments is different compared to traditional gambling houses. For instance, check pros and cons of 888Casino. Being in a comfortable homely atmosphere, one can afford to wear absolutely everything, starting from a lucky T-shirt and finishing with sports pants.

Casino Dress Code


Casino fashion basics are the following: a person should look stylish and accordingly with the environment. Vulgarism is absolutely not acceptable.

There is no need to think that if you wear very expensive clothing, you can be sure of an easy entrance. The most important criterion is that this same clothing should suit and look nice on you. The guard personnel is trained to not estimate an approximate cost of a suit or a dress but a person who wore it.

Surprisingly enough but just 15 years ago, casinos in Western countries set a very strict dress code for their clients. Nevertheless, for the last couple of years, gambling houses are dealing with players who are wearing more democratic suits. It can be especially said about the Sin City, Las Vegas, where the majority of guests are tourists. They come to one of the most exciting and modern gambling capitals from all over the world and very often, have no clue about the clothes that are suitable for such places and occasions.

Main rules of a casino fashion

Nowadays, casino fashion basics are followed only in a few elite gambling houses in Great Britain and in some luxurious casinos of Vegas and Macau.

Dress code (even though it is not so strict) is represented in 80% of gambling places whereas, a really strict dress code only in 5%.

  1. The most important is neatness. It absolutely doesn’t matter what the brand or the cost of your suit is, it should just look nice and appropriate to the occasion;
  2. Elegance, smartness and chastity of style;
  3. Shoes are one of the most important parts of the whole look. Classic shoes for men and elegant court shoes for ladies are preferred;
  4. Accessories should match a suit or a dress as well as accentuate elegance;
  5. If you are drunk then it would be better to avoid visiting a casino to not lose money and to not spoil mood because of inability to enter the place;
  6. Very often, the guard lets beautiful people in even without paying attention to their weird and inappropriate clothing. But a neat, polite and tidy yet not very beautiful people are also very welcome to gambling houses.

To conclude, respectable gambling houses do change their strict rules regarding the dress code even though it happens in a very slow motion. There are many cases when modest looking people were betting huge sums of money. Besides that, rich people don’t like showing off their income and therefore, wear casual yet elegant clothes additionally to a confident look and upright carriage.

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Casino Fashion

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